The Drive with Lon Tay & Derek Piper

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08/14/19 Hour 2: Kent Brown, NL Central Talk

Lon and Derek are joined in-studio by Illini SID Kent Brown, who updates the guys on Lou Henson, football gameday information, hockey and more. Later, Trevor joins the guys to discuss the NL Central race between the Cubs and Cards.

08/14/19 Hour 1: Worst Sports Town in USA, Bret Behrens, All Piped Up

Lon and Derek talk about what the worst and most depressed sports city in America currently is, and then chat high school and Illini football with Bret Behrens from WCIA. Later, Derek gets 'all piped up' about the Bears' kicking situation.

08/13/19 Hour 2: Drive Time, Mike Claiborne

Lon and Derek talk Cubs, Cardinals and Illini during Drive Time, and then go further in-depth with Mike Claiborne from the Cardinals Radio Network to talk about the birds on the bat.

08/13/19 Hour 1: Marquez Beason Injury, Long Branch Steakhouse, Lovie Audio

Lon and Derek talk about Marquez Beason being carted off the field during training camp practice today, and then chat ribs and steak with the guys from Long Branch Steakhouse! Later, Trevor joins the guys to discuss the bad breaks that Illinois has suffered during their football rebuild.

08/12/19 Hour 2: Drive Time, Recapping Italy Basketball Trip

Lon and Derek talk about the Cubs' and Cardinals' big wins yesterday and the Antonio Brown drama during Drive Time. Later, Derek runs through his experiences and observations from Italy.

08/12/19 Hour 1: Our First Show; Plans for the New Show; Getting to Know Derek

Lon Tay and Derek Piper ring in the new show by discussing what the long-terms plans for the show are. Later, we get to know Derek a little better.

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