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10/31/19 Hour 1: Nats Win the World Series; Matt Silich (NBA)

Lon and Derek talk about the Nationals' improbable run to win the World Series and how their win reflects differently on the Cardinals' quick NLCS exit. Later, the guys chat NBA (LeBron, the West, the Bulls) with Matt Silich.

10/30/19 Hour 2: Around the World of Big Ten Football, World Series Predictions

Lon, Derek, and Alec, the intern, preview the games around the Big Ten this Saturday and make their picks for Game 7 of the World Series. 

10/30/19 Hour 1: MLB rule controversy, Brad Underwood In Studio

Lon and Derek start the show discussing the controversial call in Game 6 of the World Series. Then, Illini men's basketball head coach Brad Underwood joins them in studio to preview the 2019-2020 season. 


10/29/19 Hour 2: Mikey Dudek, What’s The Ceiling for Illinois Basketball?

Lon and Derek talk to Mikey Dudek about Illinois' win over Purdue and his thoughts on players profiting from likeness and advertising. Later, the guys discuss what the ceiling and potential for this year's Illinois basketball team might be.

10/29/19 Hour 1: NCAA Likeness, Edwin Jackson, Catching Trevor Up

Lon and Derek discuss the NCAA officially endorsing students' ability to profit from player likeness. Later, Trevor talks with the guys about the sports headlines he missed while on vacation, and the guys (of course) go in-depth on Edwin Jackson.

10/28/19 Hour 2: Illini Hoops Buzz, Chicago Bears Struggles

Lon and Derek discuss the buzz surrounding Illinois basketball's closed scrimmage at South Carolina on Sunday, as well as Tevian Jones' indefinite suspension. Later, the guys talk about the train wreck that is the Chicago Bears.

10-28-19 Hour 1: Illinois-Purdue Recap, Isaac Trotter

Lon and Derek are joined by Isaac Trotter from Illini Inquirer to discuss Illinois football's victory over Purdue on Saturday and preview the road ahead for a possible bowl berth. 

10/25/19 Hour 2: Drive Time, Who Ya Got, ILL/PUR Game Picks

In hour two of the show Lon and Derek do Drive Time, Who Ya Got, and make their picks with Hans and Alec for the Illini and Bears games this weekend. 

10/25/19 Hour 1: Tom Dienhart (Purdue), College Football Playoff Talk

Lon and Derek are joined by Tom Dienhart of Gold and to preview the Purdue game on Saturday. The show continues with a couple guest calling in to discuss college football around the Big Ten. 

10/24/19 Hour 2: Al Hrabosky (Cardinals), Dick Zitzmann (Cardinals Player Agent), Trev’s Ticket

Lon and Derek recap the Cardinals season and preview the offseason with Cardinals broadcaster Al Hrabosky, and then chat with Dick Zitzmann, who was Lou Brock's agent and is still an agent for MLB players today. Later, the guys rip through their betting advice for the weekend during Trev's Ticket.

10/24/19 Hour 1: Bulls Talk, David Ross Talk, Joe Rasmus (Illini Rugby Coach)

Derek and Trevor recap the Bulls' opening night loss to the Hornets, and then Trevor gives his thoughts on the David Ross hire. Later, Lon and Derek chat with Illini men's rugby coach Joe Rasmus.

10-23-19 Hour 2: Joe Henricksen (Hoops Recruiting), Mark Grote (Bears)

Hour two starts with Drive Time. Lon and Derek are joined by Joe Henricksen of City-Suburban Hoops Report to talk about Illini basketball recruiting targets. Later, Mark Grote, the Bears Readio Sideline Reporter, joins the show to talk about the struggles Mitch Trubisky and  the Bears offense is having

10-23-19 Hour 1: Jordan Bernfield (Cubs), World Series Talk, NBA Talk

Lon and Derek start the show talking about the David Ross hiring by the Cubs. Jordan Bernfield joins the show to continue the Ross discussion and provides a quick hit on Mitch Trubisky's season with the Bears. The show continues with a recap of game one of the World Series and night one of the NBA season. 

10/22/19 Hour 2: Mikey Dudek, Drive Time, Trev’s Ticket Recap

Lon and Derek talk with Mike Dudek, who returned to campus this weekend and was apart of the field rush after upsetting No. 6 Wisconsin. Later, the guys talk Illinois injuries, NBA, and World Series Game 1 during Drive Time, before recapping how their betting weekends went during Trev's Ticket.

10/22/19 Hour 1: Pats-Jets Talk, NBA Season Predictions Hour

Derek and Trevor recap the Jets' putrid performance against the Patriots on Monday Night Football, and then dive into their season-long expectations and predictions for the NBA, which tips off tonight.

10/18/19 Hour 2: Kent Brown; Dr. Matthew Gordon; Hans Calls It

Lon and Derek are joined by Associate Director of Athletics (SID), Kent Brown. Later, they are joined by Dr. Matthew Gordon for Mettler Mix Up. At the end of the show the guys do Who Ya Got, where Hans Dee calls the Illini victory over sixth ranked WiScOnSiN.

10/18/19 Hour 1: Illini Football; Recruiting; NFL Talk

The guys talk about Illini football, and their upcoming match up against #6 WiScOnSiN. Later, they talk about B1G football recruiting and NFL football later in the hour.

10/21/19 Hour 2: Isaac Trotter In-Studio, More Illini Football Talk, Hoops Recruiting Update

Lon and Derek talk with Illini Inquirer's Isaac Trotter about Illinois' shocking upset over No. 6 Wisconsin, and then get some Illinois basketball recruiting tidbits from Derek to close out the show.

10/21/19 Hour 1: Illinois Upsets No. 6 Wisconsin, Kevin Kugler (BTN), Lovie Smith Audio

Lon and Derek recap the biggest upset win in Illinois football history, and talk to the man who called the game on BTN, Kevin Kugler. Later, hear from Lovie Smith during his Monday presser.

10/17/19 Hour 2: Drive Time, Stever Giveaway, Trev’s Ticket

Lon and Derek talk about the ALCS and Thursday Night Football during Drive Time, and then give away a $50 Stever gift to Naya restaurant in Champaign. Later, Trevor and Derek close out the show with another weekly edition of Trev's Ticket.

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