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11/27/19 Hour 2: Drive Time; Trev’s Ticket; IL vs NW predictions

The guys talk about the latest sports stories of the day in Drive Time. Later in Trev's Ticket, they make their predictions for the weekend. At the end of the hour, they predict the Illini vs Northwestern game.

11/27/19 Hour 1: Illini Lindenwood Recap; B1G Hoops

The guys talk about every B1G basketball team, including Illinois' domination last night versus Lindenwood.

11/26/19 Hour 2: Mikey Dudek, Drive Time, Illini-Lindenwood Preview

Lon and Derek chat with former Illini Mikey Dudek to recap the Iowa game and preview the Northwestern game. Later, Derek and Trevor talk NBA and holiday hoops tournaments during Drive Time and preview Illinois vs. Lindenwood tonight.

11/26/19 Hour 1: Grill n Chill, College Football Playoff Scenarios, Maui Tourney Talk

Lon and Derek discuss all the scenarios that could play out for the College Football Playoff, and who they'd like to see in the final four. Later, the guys discuss Michigan State's struggles in Maui and Wisconsin's struggles in Brooklyn.

11/25/19 Hour 2: Drive Time, Faith or Fear: NFL Edition, Trev’s Ticket Recap

Derek and Trevor recap Illinois football and basketball, as well as the College Football Playoff picture, during Drive Time. Later, the guys play a game of Faith or Fear: NFL Edition, and recap Trev's betting picks from the previous week.

11/25/19 Hour 1: Illinois-Iowa Recap, Illinois-Hampton Recap, Trent Frazier Talk

Derek and Trevor recap Illinois' 19-10 loss to Iowa, and then chat about the basketball team's blowout win over Hampton. Later, the guys discuss Trent Frazier's role on the team, and what they'd like to see him improve upon.

11/22/19 Hour 2: Drive Time; Illinois vs. Iowa Preview; Who Ya Got

The guys talk all the latest sports stories during Drive Time. Later, they preview Saturday's match up of Illinois vs. Iowa. At the end of the hour, Hans joins to host Who Ya Got, predicting this weekend's games.

11/22/19 Hour 1: Illini Basketball; Neil Rackers (Former Illini & NFL Kicker)

The guys talk about Adam Miller's verbal commitment from last night. Later, they talk Illini Football with former Illini and NFL kicker, Neil Rackers.

11/21/19 Hour 2: Drive Time, Iowa-Illinois Preview, Trev’s Ticket

Lon and Trevor talk Illinois-Citadel, Adam Miller and Kirk Ferentz during Drive Time, before diving deeper into the Illinois vs. Iowa matchup this weekend. Later, Trevor takes you through his betting advice during this week's Trev's Ticket.

11/21/19 Hour 1: Illinois-Citadel Recap, Brad Sturdy, Mettler Mix-Up

With Derek in Chicago for Adam Miller's commitment ceremony, Lon and Trevor recap Illinois' big win over The Citadel, and talk about what Miller's commitment would mean for the Illini with Brad Sturdy. Later, Jeff Schroeder from Mettler Center joins the guys to talk Tua.

11-20-19 Hour 2: Adam Miller talk, and Illini Picks for The Citadel

Lon, Derek, and Trevor talk about Adam Miller's commitment coming tomorrow evening and make their picks for the Illini's game with the Citadel. 

11-20-19 Hour 1: NFL Next Question, and James Wiseman Talk

Lon, Derek, and Trevor open the show with a brief preview of the Illinois vs. The Citadel game tonight on BTN. Then, Trevor asks Lon and Derek several questions on current NFL topics. 

11/19/19 Hour 2: Mikey Dudek; Drive Time

The guys are joined by Mikey Dudek (@MDFlash_7), former Illini football player, to talk Illinois football. Later, they talk all the latest sport stories in Drive Time. 

11/19/19 Hour 1: Illini-Hawaii Recap; Derek’s Dimes

The guys talk about the Illini's win against Hawaii. Later, they do Derek's Dimes, where listeners send in questions for Derek Piper.

11/18/19 Hour 2: Illinois-Hawaii Preview, Illini Hoops Talk, Bears Talk

Lon, Derek and Trevor discuss what Hawaii brings to the table for tonight's game against Illinois. Later, Lon and Trevor pepper Derek with some Illini hoops questions, before Lon asks the guys what the heck is wrong with the Bears.

11/18/19 Hour 1: Isaac Trotter In-Studio, Illini Football Talk

Lon, Derek, and Isaac Trotter discuss Illini football going into the Iowa game, and Ben from the U of I Meat Sales Room joins the show to give tips on Butterfly Porkchops. 

11/15/19 Hour 2: Drive Time; Gavitt Tip-Off Takeaways; Who Ya Got

The guys talk about all the latest sports stories of the day in Drive Time. Later, they talk college basketball in Gavitt Tip-Off Takeaways. At the end of the hour, Hans Dee joins to host Who Ya Got for this weekends matchups.

11/15/19 Hour 1: Adam Rittenberg (@ESPNRittenberg); Coleman Hawkins Audio

Derek Piper and Trevor Vallese talk all about college football with Adam Rittenberg, ESPN College Football Writer. Later, they play audio from this morning of Illini MBB commit, Coleman Hawkins.

11/14/19 Hour 2: Drive Time; Trev’s Ticket

The guys talk about all the latest sports stories of the day in Drive Time. Later, they do Trev's Ticket where they talk about the betting odds of this week's games.

11/14/19 Hour 1: Around the World of B1G Football; Mettler Mix-Up

The guys talk about B1G football in Around the World. Later, they're joined by Dr. of PT Matthew Gordon for Mettler Mix-Up. 

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