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12-31-19 Hour 2: Trevor Vallese’s Bowl Adventure, Illini basketball prepares for Michigan State

Lon and Derek are joined by The Drive producer Trevor Vallese from Santa Clara and hear about his experience at the Redbox Bowl. Later, the guys talk Illini basketball and look ahead to a big matchup at Michigan State coming up on Thursday.

12-31-19 Hour 1: Redbox Bowl Takeaways, Jeremy Werner

Lon and Derek discuss their takeaways from Illinois football's 35-20 loss in the Redbox Bowl and they hear from head coach Lovie Smith. Later, the guys are joined by Jeremy Werner to get his take on Brandon Peters, the targeting call on Milo Eifler and concerns going into the offseason.

12/27/19 Hour 2: Harry Black Joins; Drive Time; Who Ya Got

The guys talk about the latest sports stories of the day in Drive Time. Later, they give their predictions in Who Ya Got for the weekend, including Illinois' bowl game.

12/27/19 Hour 1: Illinois Bowl Talk; Bret Beherens (@WCIA3Bret)

The guys talk about Illinois Football and Cal's football team at the beginning of the hour. Later, Bret Beherens from WCIA 3 joins from San Francisco to talk more about Illinois' bowl game.

12/26/19 Hour 2: Can Illini football realistically win the B1G West in 2020?

Lon and Derek continue grading the Illini football position groups and take a look at the defensive side for 2020. Later, the guys discuss whether Illinois can realistically win the Big Ten West next season.

12/26/19 Hour 1: Grading Illini football offensive position groups

Lon and Derek take a look ahead to the 2020 football season and grade Illini football's offensive position groups. Later, the guys talk to Matthew Gordon from Metler about LeBron James' groin injury.

12/23/19 Hour 2: Drive Time; Next Question

The guys talk about all the latest sports stories of the day in Drive Time. Later, they do Next Question, discussing popular topics of the NFL and more.

12/23/19 Hour 1: Braggin’ Rights Talk; Jake Beasley (North Central DB)

The guys talk about last weekend's Braggin' Rights game with Illinois vs. Mizzou. Later, Jake Beasley joins the guys to talk about his national title with North Central.

12/20/19 Hour 2: Drive Time; Stefanie Pratt Giveaway Winner; Who Ya Got

The guys talk about the latest sport stories in Drive Time. Later, Stefanie Pratt joins

At the end of the hour, they do Who Ya Got. 

12/20/19 Hour 1: Trev’s Ticket; CFB Bowl Games

The guys go over Trevor's bets in "Trev's Ticket" with CFB Bowl Game predictions.

12-19-19 Hour 2: Nick Hardy; Trev’s Ticket Continued…

In hour 2 the guys talk with Nick Hardy, former Illini Golfer, and predict more bowl games. 

12-19-19 Hour 1: Naming Random Coaches; Trev’s Ticket Part 1

The guys talk about random college basketball coaches and where they are now. The guys then go through the first chunk of bowl games and give predictions. 

12-18-19: Voice of the Tigers on Braggin’ Rights, Mark Grote talks Bears

Mike Kelly, the voice of the Missouri Tigers, joins the show to discuss Braggin' Rights before Saturday's Illinois vs. Mizzou matchup. Later, Chicago Bears sideline reporter Mark Grote hops on to talk Mitch Trubisky, Khalil Mack and what went wrong in a disappointing season. 

12-18-19: Signing Day for Illinois football, Around the World: Bowl Edition

Lon, Derek and Alec discuss Signing Day for Illinois football and what Lovie Smith's staff still needs to add. Later, the guys do Around the World of Big Ten Football: Bowl Edition, breaking down the major storyline for each of the other bowl teams in the conference. 

12/17/19 Hour 2: Drive Time (Drew Brees); Kenpom Rankings; Bears Talk

Hour 2 kicks off with Drive Time talking Drew Brees' record breaking performance. The guys then discuss the tournament chances of a few teams in the top 40 of KenPom so they can put off talking about the Bears disappointing loss.  

12/17/19 Hour 1: Stephen Bardo on Illini Hoops, Cardinals Sign Korean Pitcher

The guys start off the show discussing the Cardinal's new pitcher Kwang-Hyun Kim. Later, Stephen Bardo, BTN Hoops Analyst, joins the show to talk about the Illini's start to the season, and his thoughts on Kofi and Ayo.

12/16/19 Hour 2: NET Rankings; Where the Big Ten Teams Fall; MLB Hot Stove Talk

The guys talk about the NET Rankings system and where Illinois/Big Ten Teams stack up. The show wraps up with some MLB Hot Stove discussion. 

12/16/19 Hour 1: Kofi Future; Illini Recruiting Miss; Is OSU #1 Team in Big Ten?

The guys discuss the Illini win over Old Dominion, the future for Kofi Cockburn, an Illini Football recruiting miss, and who is the best team in the Big Ten? 

12/13/19 Hour 2: Drive Time; Tim Knox (Illini Football Operations); Who Ya Got

The guys talk about all the latest sports stories of the day on Drive Time. Tim Knox, Assistant AD/Football Operations at Illinois joins to talk about the bowl game. At the end of the hour, they do Who Ya Got with their weekend predictions.

12/13/19 Hour 1: Illini MBB & Football; Derek’s Dimes

The guys talk about Illinois basketball, as well as the latest news on Illini Football. Later, they do Derek's Dimes where Derek Piper answers all your questions.

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