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06/18/20 Hour 2: Is There A Bears’ QB Controversy?; Jay Cutler Mic’d Up; Trev’s Ticket: Futures Edition

Derek and Trevor talk about the Nick Foles vs. Mitch Trubisky debate, and whether there is actually a debate to be had. Later, the guys run through another edition of Trev's Ticket, breaking down some picks from the Belmont Stakes to NFL futures to even politics!

06/18/20 Hour 1: UIUC A Go For In-Person Classes; Kevin Wheeler (Breaks Down Latest MLB Proposal)

The guys talk about today's news that the University of Illinois will host in-person classes for most students this fall, and predict what that could mean for fall semester sports. Later, Kevin Wheeler joins the show to break down the latest back-and-forth with MLB proposals.

06/17/20 Hour 2: Brad Underwood Joins the Show (Talks IHSA, COVID, Kofi); Nojel Eastern News

The guys are joined by Illinois basketball coach Brad Underwood, who details what the team's current player workouts consist of given the COVID safety guidelines. He also gives updates on Kofi Cockburn's decision and his thoughts on the IHSA tournament returning to Champaign. Later, the guys talk about Nojel Eastern no longer transferring to Michigan.

06/17/20 Hour 1: Is There Hope for Baseball? Breaking Down Latest Proposal; Nick Lindsey (Arcola Football Coach)

The guys are excited to break down Rob Manfred's latest proposal of 60-some games with a full prorated salary for the players, and talk about the feasibility of this proposal getting passed. Later, the guys chat with Arcola Football's head coach Nick Lindsey, who details how they're able to work out with the new IHSA guidelines. 

06/16/20 Hour 2: Jake Pavorsky (TBT Tournament PR Director); Chris Cross (Urbana Guard, SIU Commit)

The guys chat with Jake Pavorsky, who is the director of PR for the TBT Tournament. Jake describes the process of how teams will arrive and train for the tournament, and how the tournament itself works. Later, the guys talk with Urbana basketball guard Chris Cross, who committed to Southern Illinois last week.

06/16/20 Hour 1: TBT Tournament Bracket & Seedings Announced; Breaking Down House of Paign Opponents

The guys reveal who Illinois' alumni team, House of Paign, will play in the first round of the TBT Tournament, before breaking down their opponents and other teams in the field who have notable alumni and players.

06/15/20 Hour 2: Mike Claiborne Recaps Long Gone Summer Documentary; Chris Block on Horse Racing

The guys chat with KMOX's Mike Claiborne, who was featured prominently in ESPN's Long Gone Summer documentary, about his memories from the 1998 home run chase and his impressions of the 30 for 30. Later, the guys chat with Chris Block from Block Racing Stables to discuss the state of horse racing the week before the Belmont Stakes begins.

06/15/20 Hour 1: IHSA Boys’ Basketball Tournament Returning to Champaign; Bret Behrens (WCIA 3)

The guys talk about what the sports and economic impact of the IHSA boys' basketball tournament returning to Champaign starting next year, and chat with WCIA 3's Bret Behrens to get his take on the situation and what it means for Champaign-Urbana.

06/12/20 Hour 2: COVID Results from NCAA Workouts; Sosa/McGwire Highlights; Who Ya Got: Quarantine Edition

The guys talk about how Houston has shut down their team workouts after 6 players tested positive, and how concerning this is moving forward. Later, the guys play highlights from the 1998 MLB season, including Sammy Sosa hitting his 20th homer of June and Mark McGwire hitting his 70th homer of the year. Later: another week of Who Ya Got.

06/12/20 Hour 1: Brian Bartow (Cardinals PR) Recounts ‘98 HR Chase; Will Klein (EIU Pitcher Drafted By Royals)

The guys chat with Brian Bartow, director of media relations for the Cardinals, to recount tales from the 1998 home run chase prior to this weekend's 30 for 30 documentary on the Sosa/McGwire chase. Later, they talk with Will Klein, an Eastern Illinois pitcher who was drafted by the Kansas City Royals yesterday.

06/11/20 Hour 2: Mike Daum (SDSU, Member of Illini TBT Team); Top 10 Leading Scorers in NCAA History

The guys talk with Mike Daum, former South Dakota State guard who was added to the Illini TBT team this week. Later, the guys talk about Daum being 7th all-time in NCAA history in points scored, and run down the entire top 20 list.

06/11/20 Hour 1: Recapping Cubs/Cards MLB Draft Picks; TBT Tournament Officially a Go

The guys break down the Cubs and Cardinals' 1st round draft picks Ed Howard and Jordan Walker, before revealing more details that came out today about the TBT Tournament, which will be broadcasted on ESPN in Columbus.

06/10/20 Hour 2: Dan Hartleb Discusses MLB Draft Changes and How it Could Positively Affect the Illini

Dan Hartleb, Illinois Baseball Coach, joins the show to discuss how the changes to Major League Baseball could bring more talent to the Illini. Hartleb and the guys reminisce about listening to baseball on the radio. 

06/10/20 Hour 1: Tonight’s MLB Draft; NBA Playoff Predictions/Odds

The guys preview tonight's MLB draft and who could be selected by the Cards/Cubs and then discuss how the NBA Playoffs will play out at Magic Kingdom. 

06/09/20 Hour 2: Kyle Vinales (Added to Illini TBT Team); Other TBT Tourney Thoughts/Analysis

The guys chat with Kyle Vinales, the former Central Connecticut guard who was added to the House of 'Paign TBT Team this week and joins his former teammates overseas Mike Finke and Malcolm Hill. Later, Derek breaks some TBT news, and the guys get nitty gritty with the exact details of the tournament.

06/09/20 Hour 1: Which Sport Will Have The Weirdest No-Fan Atmosphere; Lon Goes OFF on MLB Owners

The guys discuss which sport between the NBA, NHL and MLB would have the weirdest experiences with no fans, including in big moments at the end of games or when announcers are making a big call. Later, Lon loses it on the MLB owners and the baseball labor dispute.

06/08/20 Hour 2: Illinois’ Emerald Coast Classic Matchup; Upcoming Non-Conference Illini Bball

CBS Sports announced today Illinois Basketball will take on Florida on November 27 in the Emerald Coast Classic, the guys break down the Gators and what the Non-Conference schedule could look like for 2020-2021. 

06/08/20 Hour 1: New MLB Proposal; Illini TBT Adds 2 More; Central Illinois Native Top 10 Pick?

The guys discuss the new MLB proposal to return to play this season and the newest additions to the Illini TBT Basketball Team. Reid Detmers, Springfield native and potential Top 10 pick in this Wednesday's MLB Draft, joins the show to discuss his career and what this week means to him. 

06/05/20 Hour 2: Our Final MLB The Show Sim and Reaction; Who Ya Got: Quarantine Edition

Derek and Trevor run one more MLB The Show simulation, and sum up the results overall and how realistic/possible they think some of the outcomes are. Later, the guys are joined by Lon via phone to rip through another ridiculous Who Ya Got: Quarantine Edition.

06/05/20 Hour 1: NCAA Hits Oklahoma State Hard; Full Audio of Lovie Smith’s Interview w/ Mike Tirico

Derek and Trevor talk about the NCAA hitting Oklahoma State with a one-year NCAA tournament ban and various other punishments, and discuss what that means in the broader spectrum for other schools like Arizona and Kansas. Later, the guys play and react to Lovie Smith's discussion with Mike Tirico.